For the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Twitter wanted to be at the heart of the tournament and involve fans from all over the world at the stadium on Match Day at Twickenham. How do we bring social media into sport live?
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CURB and our sister company installed two giant LED screens on the facade of Twickenham stadium, building the largest temporary screen installation in Europe on the West stand infront of the press centre.

We then curated, developed and delivered a completely dynamic social media driven content experience which evolved minute by minute as to what happened live on match day. Fans messages, images, videos were pulled in and ‘Hero’d on the stadia with their content photographed in situ and their message on twickenham sent back to them for re-tweeting within seconds.

In a multiple world first in digital sports signage we delivered live Periscope feeds, realtime player welcomes, dynamic celebration graphics and realtime news/social media feeds for broadcast partners and the RWC.

  • 2 million impressions using the fan social media reserving platform Hero.
  • The showpiece digital piece at the Rugby World Cup
  • Over 30,000 fan messages and images
  • 4 live Periscope feeds
  • 3,456 live pieces of bespoke team specific content.
  • Across the entire event, 8 million people saw the two giant digital screens